• Under ideal
  • Your electricity
    would be clean
  • But events that
    occur outside
  • Machinery and
    electronics inside
  • Results in dirty
    electricity which erodes
    your bottom-line.
  • Return to the ideal…
    with Sta bl-Power.


All day, everyday, power quality issues associated with dirty power cost industry up to $26 Billion per year in the USA alone. A recent IBM study showed the typical computer suffers 120 power problems per month! Plant Services Magazine reported that 35% of lost production hours could be attributed to problems caused by dirty electricity. From premature equipment failure to increased consumption, dirty electricity is a primary problem. Understanding the sources and causes of the problem is key to correction, and that action will show bottom-line rewards.


Stabl-POWER takes a total systems approach to protecting your business from the problems caused by dirty electricity. Using optimized design practices, our engineers focus first and foremost on protecting your capital investment and overall facility reliability with a goal of minimum time to ROI on the system. Our products are 100% Made in the USA for rock-solid quality, legendary dependability and performance. Once installed, Stabl-POWER non-degrading technology will immediately and continually clean your electricity without any need for further attention.


The Stabl-Power system quietly and efficiently cleanses your electricity of surges, transients and THD (Harmonic Distortion). This translates into less downtime with lower maintenance costs and reduced KwH consumption. Our customers have commented:“Since installing it in 2007, it has paid for itself time after time… and has stopped us from having interrupted service and downtime.” And… “Without considering other factors, there was a savings of 10.25% in kilowatt hour consumption. Based on that alone, I consider the installation an unequivocal success.”

Sustainability is more than a Word.

A company committed to sustainability, is a company committed to partnership on all levels: with Customers, Community, Members, Affiliates, and the Environment. That’s why Stabl-Power products are made in North America for the North American customer. And why each unit is built to the highest standards employing non-degrading technology: Built to Work & Built to Last!

A Stabl-Power system will lower your Kilowatt hour charges, but even more important, your equipment, systems, even your lights will last longer with less breakdown & repair. That’s sustainability in action!

A Dollar Saved...

When it comes to business, the old saying “A dollar saved is a dollar earned” is simply not true. In fact, according to an IBM study of businesses across several sectors, a ‘dollar saved’, is actually equivalent to at least 16 Dollars of new revenue in terms of your bottom line profits! Doing the math, that means, $100,000 in savings equals $1,600,000 in NEW sales… Which puts a whole new meaning on “a dollar saved”.

We have calculated one of the earning (savings) components of using the ’clean’ electricity provided by the Stabl-Power system for 14 North American cities…